Russian Brides Hoping To Marry Foreign Men, Do You Believe?

Don’t Be A Tool!

Don’t believe a word you see here – until you do your homework. You aren’t a kid anymore. Santa Claus doesn’t live at the North Pole and you should be smart enough now to confirm the facts for yourself. All you need to do is a few Google searches and you can find confirm everything on this page.

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Hot Russian Brides

Yes, Russia is actually a brutally frigid nation, so it is strange that they became so renowned for hot Russian brides. What is even more amazing is how many American and European men apparently assume the stunning Eastern European women on this website and others are all con artists or frauds.

They do not believe that the Russian bride photographs are of women who are genuinely hoping to date or marry foreign men.

The truth is that these men have not succesfully done their research and they really do not believe that they will ever have a attractive Russian girlfriend. The majority have never seen let alone met half as many hot young women as we have on this site in Denver or Nashville, and so they just suspect it is all a swindle without doing any research into exactly why the Russian singles explosion occurred.

Russian Bikini Brides


It is really not stunning that a great number of eligible Russia singles make a choice to sign up with mail order bride agencies, but this isn’t because there is a single thing wrong with Russian women.

Russian women are great. They’re exceptionally well educated and informed about Western society. Indeed, they recognize that they will most likely have a much higher quality of life in Oklahoma, Ontario, or France than they would if they stay inside the former Soviet Union.

So, there is certainly a fiscal factor in the decision of most hot Russian brides to sign up at international mail order bride agencies. And yet, that is not the full story. The truth is that the most significant challenge for Russian women is Russian men and the hardest nightmare for Russian men is Russian vodka, way too much vodka.

Russian Women Today

Yes, it is the oldest cliché, but it is also true. Russian men are unchallenged, yes unchallenged, as the heaviest drinkers on this earth and in fact it is not even close. Until fairly recently scientist believed that Russian men consumed a little more than15 liters of pure alcohol per year.

That would be enough booze for a damn very good college good keg party, about 1000 cans of regular beer. That’s a lot of alcohol, but Finland and a couple of other countries were still near Russia in terms of overall alcohol consumption.

The problem for experts was that this did not reveal why alcohol poisoning is 120 times – times not percent – more common in Russia than in the European Union. Russia also suffered from much more alcohol related deaths, particularly automobile accidents and drowning, and sclerosis of the liver is commonplace among men as early as their mid-thirties.

Then these experts noticed many Russian men also drink lots of cheap industrial alcohol too. These men are consuming cologne by the bottle and it was this cut-rate, foul tasting alcohol that the scientist had not figured in to their equations. The best guess now is that Russian men might drink over twenty liters of alcohol every single year – sometimes as much as thirty liters or 2000 cans of beer.

The average life expectancy of Russian men in 2008 was only a bit over 58 years old, and even worse, many men commence breaking under the physical harm of such heavy drinking as early as their mid-twenties and some are physical wrecks and mental basket cases by their mid-thirties.

To your typical Russian woman the main dilemma is that the liquor quite often transforms the kind and gentle youthful guy she fell deeply in love with at college or work into a violent maniac three or four nights each week. Alcohol fueled domestic violence is definitely an epidemic in Russia. Hundreds of Russian girls die each year in domestic violence incidents and tens of thousands more are hospitalized. The fact is that alcohol fueled domestic violence is one of the essential issues that drive a great many superb, intelligent hot Russian brides into signing up with international marriage agencies.

These ladies are real. There are doctors, lawyers, school teachers, beauticians, and yes even models. The photos of the are real. These ladies just searching for a better life which includes man who will treat them with respect.

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It’s your life. Why not enjoy it?