Dating Hot Sexy Russian Girls

Russian Brides PhotosIsn’t it amazing? For those of us in the dating world, we have more choices, chances, and ways to meet women today than any time in the history of dating.

Many of us have decided to blast open our dating horizons and even go outside our own countries to find Miss Right.

One popular and fertile destination for us international lovers is Russia. And why not? Consider these facts:

1. According to Business Week, Russia leads the world in the percentage of young people with advanced degrees.  So, not only do you find beautiful Russian girls; you also find very educated, progressive, and aware women.

2. Values. OK, values are subjective. I may believe mine are above reproach and of the cleanest cloth; and yet, you may judge me to be sorely lacking and in need of moral rehabilitation.

Moral subjectivity aside, you will quickly experience, if you become involved with a Russian girl, that she places high value on family, fidelity, and frugality. Well, not all of them, of course; but a large number of Russian girls still hold onto such admirable and hard-to-find values. In some ways, it takes you back to a time and age that once prevailed in America, a generation or two ago.

3. Humility. OK, let’s hope I can approach this subject with the appropriate tact and aplomb. Why? Well because in making my statement about our humble sexy Russian girl, I’m implicitly comparing her to girls from my home country.

OK, political correctness be damned, and out with what I really feel. I believe perhaps too many of my countrywomen (can you guess where I am from?) have an overinflated pride in their physical beauty; and it affects how they interact with others, especially men.

I mean, come on; it’s not like they worked for it. Some girls just got lucky in the gene pool lottery when the beauty gene was being handed out.

The point is that the hot sexy Russian girls who were equally gifted with the beauty gene treat it very differently. Notice how easy it is to talk to a beautiful Russian girl; how readily she responds, never once playing her “I’m so hot; back off” card. That’s what I mean by the Russian girl’s humility. How refreshing.

Beautiful Russian

So, if you have decided to try your luck and pursue a Russian girl, you may need to adjust your approach, your dating style, your whole technique.

Let’s face it, what works in Brooklyn doesn’t necessarily fly in Omaha.  Get out your game book and look it over. You may certainly want to alter how you approach these hot sexy Russian girls – and remember what we said about their not being so conscious of how hot they really are.

How does that translate for you? I’ve always liked these words, attributed to Nicolò Machiavelli: “when courting a beautiful woman, compliment her intelligence; when courting an intelligent woman, compliment her beauty”. Don’t be impressed by either her beauty or her intelligence because she isn’t; but speak to them both.

Remember what we said about this sweet girl’s humility, and savor it. You’re in Russian territory now.  It’s a brand new, beautiful dating field; enjoy it.