Ways To Date Hot Russian Girls

Finding your dream woman can be really hard in today’s busy times. Everyone seems to be so busy and many don’t even have the time to date. Hot Russian girls on the other hand are really different. Many young women across Russia join international dating sites to meet men from other countries to settle down with.

Young Russian Models

They do this in part, because of economics, that is well known, but what is not so well understood is that much of it is because of the rise of a very hard drinking, macho culture among Russian men since the fall of the old Soviet Union in 1991.

Alcoholism is rampant and domestic violence is widespread, if not quite accepted. Most hot Russian girls have seen enough of American movies and television to realize that things are different in the US and Europe and it one of the primary reasons that they sign up for international dating agencies.

The best way to meet a young woman from Russia is to join an online dating site that specializes in international dating. Here you can be put in touch with Russian girls who want to meet foreign men.

There are usually lots of female members on such sites so you will have plenty to choose from, but you should also remember that the younger, more attractive, and more educated ladies have plenty of Western men to choose from too.

So Make sure that your profile is attractive to these women. Tell them about yourself and your life. Also include any personal information that you think these girls will want to know, such as if you have been married or have children. It is VERY important to be honest.

Speak to as many girls as you like.


There is no limit to the number of girls you choose to find out more about. Just chat with them and get to know them over time so that you can build up a relationship with them.

Way To Date Hot Russian Girls

Only decide to take the plunge and meet someone when you are sure it is the next step. Don’t rush into anything and you will not be disappointed. Many of the dating sites will arrange trips to Russia for the men on their books so look out for these.

Now that you know how to meet hot Russian girls there is nothing stopping you from signing up to a dating site. You will be able to meet some lovely girls and see if you can find love. Thousands of men have already done this and are living happily with their new Russian bride and you could be one of them.

Russian Brides Photos

Russian Brides PhotosIf you’ve decided you want to meet and date Russian girls, no problem. Run a Google search for “Russian dating sites”, and you’ll see you can choose among hundreds; and more sites open their virtual doors daily.

In fact, according to highly regarded industry publishing expert, Mashable, internet dating pulls in more than $1 billion in annual revenue, exceeding even porn.

According to the Mashable article, the porn industry goes so far as to blame much of its business decline on the emergence of the online dating industry.

Consider some of the other interesting facts they cite, and you’ll understand the industry’s popularity, especially if you want to meet foreign women.

Here’s a snapshot of the more interesting items:

1.    Customers of these sites spend an average of $239/year
2.    At 26, women enjoy more pursuers online than men. But by the time men turn 48, they have twice as many online pursuers as women
3.    And here’s a juicy finding: 1 of 3 women who meet men online have sex on the first date (that would apply to the man, as well, right?)

This article didn’t break down statistics between US and non-US dating sites. However, a quick look at the number of international-oriented dating sites would suggest the pickings for men looking for foreign partners is huge.

So, you have decided to find a Russian girlfriend. How to start?

russian-girlfriendFirst, do a search for relevant sites. You might Google “Russian dates, Russian girls, Russian dating sites” or similar terms. You’ll get a shortlist of sites to check out further.

Exercise due diligence. Don’t get dazzled by the Russian girls pictures alone. Things are not always as they seem. You need to be sure of a few things before you sign up. For instance, how current are the candidates; how do you contact them; are membership fees based on a set time period, or per introduction.

You’d be wise to also try to find reviews of the sites themselves before joining. Services have sprung up to review these sites, but be sure they’re legitimate. Some represent nothing more than slightly veiled advertising jobs.

As always, on the internet, caveat emptor.

Some site owners, recognizing that many members, especially on foreign sites, truly seek marriage, have taken an interesting angle.

These sites have cut to the chase and positioned themselves as full-on marriage sites. A site catering to Russian women, for instance, will run beautiful Russian brides photos, showing happy couples from their site who met, fell in love, and married.

Many times, these marriage sites show far fewer Russian girls pictures than dating sites but don’t let that discourage you. Quite the reverse, it might bespeak higher quality and selectivity.

Many of these sites supplement their matchmaking services with trips and tours for men interested in coming to Russia to meet girls looking for a foreign husband.

If you want to be the next lucky guy in one of those Russian brides photos, look seriously at the online sites that can help you meet the girl of your dreams. Good, honest, and effective websites are out there. You just need to take your time, investigate them thoroughly, and find the one best suited to your needs.

Russian Girlfriends – Why You Need One

Russian girlfriend in sexy outfitThe word’s out, actually has been for some time, but it’s spreading: Russian girls are hot. And, what’s even better, they’re not that difficult to find and meet anymore.

We live in a very different dating world from the one our fathers did. Did you know that when your dad was dating 25 years ago, IBM had just announced the PC Convertible, the first laptop computer?  Text messaging, internet cafes, Facebook, Yahoo and MSN chat; not a one of them existed.

So, what does that have to do with getting a Russian girlfriend? Everything, actually. Consider that the online dating industry is a $4 billion per year field, according to Dating Site Reviews, an industry resource group.

That’s an interesting statistic, isn’t it? What’s more interesting is when you think about your friends, their personal stories and the stories they share with you. How many times have you heard about a friend, or a friend of a friend who met a girl from somewhere outside his home country on a dating site?

And many of those stories will concern Russian girls. Think about it; if technology expands your field of play from your city to the world, why not pick and choose from the best women the world has to offer?

Now, it’s horses for courses, of course, as the Aussies say.

One man may prefer only American women, another only French belles, and a third argues for his view that the world’s best, most beautiful, intelligent and willing women are Russian. Well, in today’s internet-connected world, they can each run in their preferred direction and fish in an international pool.

Why do so many men look for Russian love? That’s not a hard answer to find, and it’s quickly evident that the two B’s explain it. The two B’s? Brains and beauty.

First, let’s look at the intelligence angle. According to a 2005 UNESCO report, more than half of Russia’s adults had received a tertiary education. More than half. And, it’s common knowledge that education knows no gender bias in Russia; women fare as well as men when it comes to educational opportunities.

So, if your profile of the perfect woman includes intelligence, you’ll not go wrong with a Russian girlfriend.

OK, enough of the cerebral, let’s get on to the physical. Yes, the physical: face, form, fashion. Whatever your criteria in assessing and judging physical beauty, you’ll find it hard to exclude the Russian woman.

Need proof? Here’s an interesting field test for you. Go to YouTube, enter “Russian women” in the search box, and pick a few videos from the resultant 5370 returned matches.

You’ll be able to look over everything from Russian tennis players to swimmers to the average woman on the street. This little exercise is the best way, barring a personal trip, you can get a feel for the cross-section of what Russian women offer.

View a few videos randomly and see if you can argue with the man who declares Russian love represents some of the most beautiful opportunities in the world.

Russian Beauties – Where to Find Them Online

Russian Brides PhotosAre you on the hunt for Russian beauties? Thanks to the ever-evolving wonders of the internet, your lovely prey are much easier to find and woo today than a few years back.

And if your budget and time allow, the cost to travel to Russia to see the ‘real thing’ drops almost every year. Hop on a plane in New York on Friday, and you can be partying in the finest clubs in Moscow Saturday night. Amazing, isn’t it?

For those of you who don’t see yourself jetting to Russia any time soon, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to meet Russian women online.

1.     Dating sites. We all know that online dating has come out of the closet. Once perceived as haunts for the lonely and socially inept, dating sites today count doctors, lawyers, students, and all strata of the social ladder and workforce as members.

With their new-found acceptance and membership, dating sites have grown – and specialized. You can find sites devoted to very thin niches. Sites exist for Jews, Catholics, Muslims and many other religious affiliations.

Many sites also specialize in members from distinct geographic areas. You can do a Google search and find dating sites catering strictly to Latinas, Asians….and our favorite, Russians.

2.     Yahoo and Google groups. Use these sites and you can further tailor your search. Although some dating-oriented groups exist on both Yahoo and Google, you’re more likely to have success here by joining groups with a wider focus.

What do I mean? Well, think about it, what kinds of groups might draw a sizeable number of Russian women, in general? Don’t you think a Yahoo group like “Russian Love” that focuses on people dating or married to Russians would be a good start? Once you join a group, you get heaps of information from other members that can take you further.

Moderator Central, Yahoo’s central repository of information about its groups claimed, in 2007, that 109 million members belonged to over 8.8 million groups.

3.    Uber-specialized searches. You say you’re interested not just in Russian women, but blonde Russian women, specifically? Not a problem, mate. Again, use search giants like Google or Bing; input a few phrases centered on your razor-focused request and chances are you’ll hit gold.

4.     Questions and Answers Sites. You’ve heard of Yahoo Answers.  Well, many other sites exist that are less known but may pay off just as well in giving you the answers you want in finding online venues to meet Russian women.  Two I recommend are Querycat,  and AskMetafilter. Members of each of these sites pride their internet and offline sleuthing skills and will compete to give you what you want.

So there; you can spend a few hours on any of the sites above, and you’ll undoubtedly encounter a few beautiful Russian women, or a number of suggestions on how to find them.

And even if your search is as specific as blonde Russian women, the Web’s doors are tall and open; walk right in, your answers (and your Russian beauties) await you.

Russian Brides For Sale?

Have you been drawn in by the stories of the beauty and allure of Russian women? Have you read the stories on the Web, or maybe seen the videos?

Pretty inviting, aren’t they?

Men from around the world rave about the mysterious appeal of Russian women.

They captivate, enchant, and mesmerize like few others. Many of them offer that rare and priceless mix of beauty and brains. Picture yourself walking down any main street in any large city anywhere in the world with a woman who turns heads with her beauty and invites rapt attention with her intelligence.

Young Russian ModelsThis is Russia’s modern woman.  Not all of them of course, but many.

Consider the facts: According to Business Week, Russia leads the world in the percentage of young people with advanced degrees. That’s right, ahead of the UK, France, US, Japan, and all the others. And a large percentage of that group is women.

Make no mistake, the numbers don’t lie: Russian women are smart. But, when it comes to beauty, you don’t need Business Week, Zagat or any other pollster. Just sit yourself down in any coffee shop along Tverskaya, the Fifth Avenue of Moscow, and watch the girls parade by.

You’ll see more beautiful women per hour than perhaps anywhere in the world. Moscow is the Big Apple; it draws young women from all over the geographic behemoth that is Russia. They come with dreams, hopes, and ambition.

And, like beautiful girls everywhere, they want to meet men.

So, the Russian woman has found herself in high demand with men looking for dates, fun, and often, even marriage. What’s more, the internet and dating sites have made it that much easier for these women to put themselves out there to be found.

But there’s a shady, seamy, and very ugly underbelly to the Russian woman’s new-found popularity too.

Unfortunately, some dating sites make it look like they’re offing these Russian girls for sale. Remember the ‘mail-order’ bride businesses of one hundred years ago? In that day and age, men, starved for female company in remote areas, welcomed and embraced this model. And they and their brides both often benefited from the match-up.

Today, that’s not necessarily so. For any website to appear as if it’s offering Russian brides for sale is neither needed nor acceptable. Some sites catalog and package these Russian women in much the same way sellers present their goods on sites like Amazon or EBay.

Why does this happen? A major reason is that many of these girls don’t speak English well enough to search for men online on their own. They end up relying on websites to put together their profile, using any words the site owner feels will pull the most men and membership revenue.

The girls simply send in their picture and some vital stats, and the site owner often ends up portraying them as Russian brides for sale.

So, beware of sites like these. Unless you can quickly establish direct contact with the girl (instead of using the site as intermediary), either speaking to her in English or through your own translator, think about using another site.

Make no mistake, beautiful, sweet, honest, and dependable Russian girls exist. By the boatload, in fact. If you’re dealing with a site where it feels like they’re just packaging Russian girls for sale, move on and find a better one.

Dating Hot Sexy Russian Girls

Russian Brides PhotosIsn’t it amazing? For those of us in the dating world, we have more choices, chances, and ways to meet women today than any time in the history of dating.

Many of us have decided to blast open our dating horizons and even go outside our own countries to find Miss Right.

One popular and fertile destination for us international lovers is Russia. And why not? Consider these facts:

1. According to Business Week, Russia leads the world in the percentage of young people with advanced degrees.  So, not only do you find beautiful Russian girls; you also find very educated, progressive, and aware women.

2. Values. OK, values are subjective. I may believe mine are above reproach and of the cleanest cloth; and yet, you may judge me to be sorely lacking and in need of moral rehabilitation.

Moral subjectivity aside, you will quickly experience, if you become involved with a Russian girl, that she places high value on family, fidelity, and frugality. Well, not all of them, of course; but a large number of Russian girls still hold onto such admirable and hard-to-find values. In some ways, it takes you back to a time and age that once prevailed in America, a generation or two ago.

3. Humility. OK, let’s hope I can approach this subject with the appropriate tact and aplomb. Why? Well because in making my statement about our humble sexy Russian girl, I’m implicitly comparing her to girls from my home country.

OK, political correctness be damned, and out with what I really feel. I believe perhaps too many of my countrywomen (can you guess where I am from?) have an overinflated pride in their physical beauty; and it affects how they interact with others, especially men.

I mean, come on; it’s not like they worked for it. Some girls just got lucky in the gene pool lottery when the beauty gene was being handed out.

The point is that the hot sexy Russian girls who were equally gifted with the beauty gene treat it very differently. Notice how easy it is to talk to a beautiful Russian girl; how readily she responds, never once playing her “I’m so hot; back off” card. That’s what I mean by the Russian girl’s humility. How refreshing.

Beautiful Russian

So, if you have decided to try your luck and pursue a Russian girl, you may need to adjust your approach, your dating style, your whole technique.

Let’s face it, what works in Brooklyn doesn’t necessarily fly in Omaha.  Get out your game book and look it over. You may certainly want to alter how you approach these hot sexy Russian girls – and remember what we said about their not being so conscious of how hot they really are.

How does that translate for you? I’ve always liked these words, attributed to Nicolò Machiavelli: “when courting a beautiful woman, compliment her intelligence; when courting an intelligent woman, compliment her beauty”. Don’t be impressed by either her beauty or her intelligence because she isn’t; but speak to them both.

Remember what we said about this sweet girl’s humility, and savor it. You’re in Russian territory now.  It’s a brand new, beautiful dating field; enjoy it.

Young Russian Models

What a difference 60 years makes. I remember my uncle telling stories of World War Two and the beautiful Russian girl, Olga, he’d met in Germany, right after the war’s end.

How many times did I hear him carry on about her beauty, her fearlessness, and how she had a boldness of character, yet gentleness, like he’d never encountered before or since. He always used to say “if there’d not been a war, she’d have been a top Russian model”. Was he in love, or what?

Well, if old Uncle Lenny were alive today and spent a week in Moscow or St. Petersburg, he’d be amazed at the changes in today’s Russian women.

Or would he? I have an image in my mind’s eye of what war-ravaged and deprived Russian women must have looked and acted like. And it’s nothing like the beauties you’ll see today along Tverskaya, the Rodeo Drive of Moscow.
Coffee shops, boutiques, and bookstores are overrun with tall, lanky, luscious-looking Muscovites.

But in some ways, they possess a strength of character and steely spirit that I suspect differs little from Olga back in the 40’s. The Russian character, molded from centuries of war, famine, oppression, and bitter cold weather, will not easily or quickly soften or change. And that’s a good thing.

And that’s the allure of Russian women. Physical beauty, quiet passion, and a chisel steel strong backbone. Dressed in velvet perhaps, but her blood runs hot, and her soul shows the granite of centuries of struggle, deprivation, and perseverance.

These women are survivors. The rules of survival change with the times but the survival instinct and skills don’t.

One of God’s gifts to Russian women has always been their beauty. Is it any wonder the world’s catwalks today abound with Russian models?

Look at Regina Feoktistova. I mean, look at Regina Feoktistova. Just 22, she’s one of Russia’s hottest young Russian models. She started modeling locally in Moscow in 2006. Now, a short five years later, she’s showcased top fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana, Emporio Armani, United Bamboo, and DKNY Jeans.


And she’s just one of dozens of young Russian models who have stormed London, New York, and Milan, not to mention front page blitzes on the top fashion magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

Yes, the Russian model of today will hold her own against the best that comes out of any other country, be it America, France, Italy, or Japan.

It’s the breeding, the strong competitive spirit, the hunger to succeed, to win, that makes these girls so sought out and successful in today’s modeling world.

And, of course, the genes. God may have given Russia her woes, with the burden of wars, czars, dictators, oligarchs, and power-hungry men of all types, but he balanced it out with the offsetting beauty he gave the Russian woman. Look at any Russian model today, and you’ll understand what I mean.

It’s easy to understand why you see men from all corners of the globe with a Russian born wife. In today’s ever-shrinking world, geography no longer limits romance; and once a man encounters a Russian woman, in her country, his, or on neutral ground, he will undoubtedly feel the pull to know more.