Russian Beauties – Where to Find Them Online

Russian Brides PhotosAre you on the hunt for Russian beauties? Thanks to the ever-evolving wonders of the internet, your lovely prey are much easier to find and woo today than a few years back.

And if your budget and time allow, the cost to travel to Russia to see the ‘real thing’ drops almost every year. Hop on a plane in New York on Friday, and you can be partying in the finest clubs in Moscow Saturday night. Amazing, isn’t it?

For those of you who don’t see yourself jetting to Russia any time soon, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to meet Russian women online.

1.     Dating sites. We all know that online dating has come out of the closet. Once perceived as haunts for the lonely and socially inept, dating sites today count doctors, lawyers, students, and all strata of the social ladder and workforce as members.

With their new-found acceptance and membership, dating sites have grown – and specialized. You can find sites devoted to very thin niches. Sites exist for Jews, Catholics, Muslims and many other religious affiliations.

Many sites also specialize in members from distinct geographic areas. You can do a Google search and find dating sites catering strictly to Latinas, Asians….and our favorite, Russians.

2.     Yahoo and Google groups. Use these sites and you can further tailor your search. Although some dating-oriented groups exist on both Yahoo and Google, you’re more likely to have success here by joining groups with a wider focus.

What do I mean? Well, think about it, what kinds of groups might draw a sizeable number of Russian women, in general? Don’t you think a Yahoo group like “Russian Love” that focuses on people dating or married to Russians would be a good start? Once you join a group, you get heaps of information from other members that can take you further.

Moderator Central, Yahoo’s central repository of information about its groups claimed, in 2007, that 109 million members belonged to over 8.8 million groups.

3.    Uber-specialized searches. You say you’re interested not just in Russian women, but blonde Russian women, specifically? Not a problem, mate. Again, use search giants like Google or Bing; input a few phrases centered on your razor-focused request and chances are you’ll hit gold.

4.     Questions and Answers Sites. You’ve heard of Yahoo Answers.  Well, many other sites exist that are less known but may pay off just as well in giving you the answers you want in finding online venues to meet Russian women.  Two I recommend are Querycat,  and AskMetafilter. Members of each of these sites pride their internet and offline sleuthing skills and will compete to give you what you want.

So there; you can spend a few hours on any of the sites above, and you’ll undoubtedly encounter a few beautiful Russian women, or a number of suggestions on how to find them.

And even if your search is as specific as blonde Russian women, the Web’s doors are tall and open; walk right in, your answers (and your Russian beauties) await you.