Russian Brides For Sale?

Have you been drawn in by the stories of the beauty and allure of Russian women? Have you read the stories on the Web, or maybe seen the videos?

Pretty inviting, aren’t they?

Men from around the world rave about the mysterious appeal of Russian women.

They captivate, enchant, and mesmerize like few others. Many of them offer that rare and priceless mix of beauty and brains. Picture yourself walking down any main street in any large city anywhere in the world with a woman who turns heads with her beauty and invites rapt attention with her intelligence.

Young Russian ModelsThis is Russia’s modern woman.  Not all of them of course, but many.

Consider the facts: According to Business Week, Russia leads the world in the percentage of young people with advanced degrees. That’s right, ahead of the UK, France, US, Japan, and all the others. And a large percentage of that group is women.

Make no mistake, the numbers don’t lie: Russian women are smart. But, when it comes to beauty, you don’t need Business Week, Zagat or any other pollster. Just sit yourself down in any coffee shop along Tverskaya, the Fifth Avenue of Moscow, and watch the girls parade by.

You’ll see more beautiful women per hour than perhaps anywhere in the world. Moscow is the Big Apple; it draws young women from all over the geographic behemoth that is Russia. They come with dreams, hopes, and ambition.

And, like beautiful girls everywhere, they want to meet men.

So, the Russian woman has found herself in high demand with men looking for dates, fun, and often, even marriage. What’s more, the internet and dating sites have made it that much easier for these women to put themselves out there to be found.

But there’s a shady, seamy, and very ugly underbelly to the Russian woman’s new-found popularity too.

Unfortunately, some dating sites make it look like they’re offing these Russian girls for sale. Remember the ‘mail-order’ bride businesses of one hundred years ago? In that day and age, men, starved for female company in remote areas, welcomed and embraced this model. And they and their brides both often benefited from the match-up.

Today, that’s not necessarily so. For any website to appear as if it’s offering Russian brides for sale is neither needed nor acceptable. Some sites catalog and package these Russian women in much the same way sellers present their goods on sites like Amazon or EBay.

Why does this happen? A major reason is that many of these girls don’t speak English well enough to search for men online on their own. They end up relying on websites to put together their profile, using any words the site owner feels will pull the most men and membership revenue.

The girls simply send in their picture and some vital stats, and the site owner often ends up portraying them as Russian brides for sale.

So, beware of sites like these. Unless you can quickly establish direct contact with the girl (instead of using the site as intermediary), either speaking to her in English or through your own translator, think about using another site.

Make no mistake, beautiful, sweet, honest, and dependable Russian girls exist. By the boatload, in fact. If you’re dealing with a site where it feels like they’re just packaging Russian girls for sale, move on and find a better one.