Russian Brides Photos

Russian Brides PhotosIf you’ve decided you want to meet and date Russian girls, no problem. Run a Google search for “Russian dating sites”, and you’ll see you can choose among hundreds; and more sites open their virtual doors daily.

In fact, according to highly regarded industry publishing expert, Mashable, internet dating pulls in more than $1 billion in annual revenue, exceeding even porn.

According to the Mashable article, the porn industry goes so far as to blame much of its business decline on the emergence of the online dating industry.

Consider some of the other interesting facts they cite, and you’ll understand the industry’s popularity, especially if you want to meet foreign women.

Here’s a snapshot of the more interesting items:

1.    Customers of these sites spend an average of $239/year
2.    At 26, women enjoy more pursuers online than men. But by the time men turn 48, they have twice as many online pursuers as women
3.    And here’s a juicy finding: 1 of 3 women who meet men online have sex on the first date (that would apply to the man, as well, right?)

This article didn’t break down statistics between US and non-US dating sites. However, a quick look at the number of international-oriented dating sites would suggest the pickings for men looking for foreign partners is huge.

So, you have decided to find a Russian girlfriend. How to start?

russian-girlfriendFirst, do a search for relevant sites. You might Google “Russian dates, Russian girls, Russian dating sites” or similar terms. You’ll get a shortlist of sites to check out further.

Exercise due diligence. Don’t get dazzled by the Russian girls pictures alone. Things are not always as they seem. You need to be sure of a few things before you sign up. For instance, how current are the candidates; how do you contact them; are membership fees based on a set time period, or per introduction.

You’d be wise to also try to find reviews of the sites themselves before joining. Services have sprung up to review these sites, but be sure they’re legitimate. Some represent nothing more than slightly veiled advertising jobs.

As always, on the internet, caveat emptor.

Some site owners, recognizing that many members, especially on foreign sites, truly seek marriage, have taken an interesting angle.

These sites have cut to the chase and positioned themselves as full-on marriage sites. A site catering to Russian women, for instance, will run beautiful Russian brides photos, showing happy couples from their site who met, fell in love, and married.

Many times, these marriage sites show far fewer Russian girls pictures than dating sites but don’t let that discourage you. Quite the reverse, it might bespeak higher quality and selectivity.

Many of these sites supplement their matchmaking services with trips and tours for men interested in coming to Russia to meet girls looking for a foreign husband.

If you want to be the next lucky guy in one of those Russian brides photos, look seriously at the online sites that can help you meet the girl of your dreams. Good, honest, and effective websites are out there. You just need to take your time, investigate them thoroughly, and find the one best suited to your needs.