Russian Dating Sites

Russian dating sites offer an amazing opportunity for men from around the world to meet stunning women, because Russian ladies work hard to keep themselves beautiful.

Some South American ladies maybe as fashion conscious as the women from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but no other group of women anywhere in the world spends more time in the gym than Russian and Eastern European women and they are just as tough when it comes to dieting.

So, when you are staring slack jawed at all of the stunning women Russian dating sites don?t forget that these ladies work hard ? real hard to get into that sort of shape.

If they sat on the couch and drank beer and watched football all day they would look like you Uncle John.  Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but you get the picture.  Russian and Eastern European women, especially from Ukraine, the Baltic States, Belarus, and Poland, all work extremely hard.

In fact, you can see how hard they work by looking at other international dating sites.  If you look at Latin ladies you will be impressed.

There are tons of amazing Latin women online, but you will not find very many in the sort of fit, toned gym built shape that you will see when you peruse Russian dating sites.  It is not difficult at all to find women that either or fitness models or could be fitness models and nearly every profile of women under 50 mentions gym, aerobics, jogging, tennis, and so on.

Compared to any other group of ladies the Russian girls are the hardest working girls there are.  Being fit and fashionable is almost an obsession.  However, I believe that this is probably an obsession you can deal with.

International Dating Sites


Today international dating sites have become much easier and safer to use.  Yes, there were some abuses during the 1990s, but today the foreign dating companies have to comply with a variety of rules and regulations.

However, the best way to avoid having any problem is to remember the old adage: ?You get what you pay for.?  There are tons of free Russian dating sites on the internet, but the vast majority of them offer little to no service or protection from scammers.  In part, it is real simple they are not making any money directly off of the men who visit their sites, most operate on Google Adsence revenue, and so they have no economic incentive to protect the interests of the men that use their sites.

Even if the people that are running these agencies do care about their clients they usually do not have the staff or ability to run down scammers and they certainly do not have assets to repay a man that ends up losing money to a scammer.

The bigger sites are really your best bet and that is why we list them here.  All of the ladies on our site come from the oldest, largest, and most successful Russian mail order bride sites.