Russian Girlfriends – Why You Need One

Russian girlfriend in sexy outfitThe word’s out, actually has been for some time, but it’s spreading: Russian girls are hot. And, what’s even better, they’re not that difficult to find and meet anymore.

We live in a very different dating world from the one our fathers did. Did you know that when your dad was dating 25 years ago, IBM had just announced the PC Convertible, the first laptop computer?  Text messaging, internet cafes, Facebook, Yahoo and MSN chat; not a one of them existed.

So, what does that have to do with getting a Russian girlfriend? Everything, actually. Consider that the online dating industry is a $4 billion per year field, according to Dating Site Reviews, an industry resource group.

That’s an interesting statistic, isn’t it? What’s more interesting is when you think about your friends, their personal stories and the stories they share with you. How many times have you heard about a friend, or a friend of a friend who met a girl from somewhere outside his home country on a dating site?

And many of those stories will concern Russian girls. Think about it; if technology expands your field of play from your city to the world, why not pick and choose from the best women the world has to offer?

Now, it’s horses for courses, of course, as the Aussies say.

One man may prefer only American women, another only French belles, and a third argues for his view that the world’s best, most beautiful, intelligent and willing women are Russian. Well, in today’s internet-connected world, they can each run in their preferred direction and fish in an international pool.

Why do so many men look for Russian love? That’s not a hard answer to find, and it’s quickly evident that the two B’s explain it. The two B’s? Brains and beauty.

First, let’s look at the intelligence angle. According to a 2005 UNESCO report, more than half of Russia’s adults had received a tertiary education. More than half. And, it’s common knowledge that education knows no gender bias in Russia; women fare as well as men when it comes to educational opportunities.

So, if your profile of the perfect woman includes intelligence, you’ll not go wrong with a Russian girlfriend.

OK, enough of the cerebral, let’s get on to the physical. Yes, the physical: face, form, fashion. Whatever your criteria in assessing and judging physical beauty, you’ll find it hard to exclude the Russian woman.

Need proof? Here’s an interesting field test for you. Go to YouTube, enter “Russian women” in the search box, and pick a few videos from the resultant 5370 returned matches.

You’ll be able to look over everything from Russian tennis players to swimmers to the average woman on the street. This little exercise is the best way, barring a personal trip, you can get a feel for the cross-section of what Russian women offer.

View a few videos randomly and see if you can argue with the man who declares Russian love represents some of the most beautiful opportunities in the world.