Understanding Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian mail order brides are women who commit themselves to a marriage agency. Generally a foreign man will choose a woman from a list. He will then propose to her and she will most likely accept. There are many reasons why both men and women are interested in this type of service.

hot-russian-brideIs a Mail Order Bride Committing to an Arranged Marriage?

Arranged marriages and online matchmaking services are very different. In an arranged marriage, the parents of both parties organize for them to meet each other. If they like each other, they may marry.

A Russian mail order bride service simply lists women by name, age and nationality. Some websites will allow the women to put up a brief blurb about their personality and interests; this cool site actually writes reviews about women’s profiles from the top dating sites on the web. If a man finds one of these women attractive, he will arrange to contact her and eventually propose.

Why do Men Want Mail Order Brides?

Many mail order brides come from countries where the women take care of their men. While western women can do this, many of them tend to put their career and social lives ahead of the needs of their partner.

As a result, many men are opting to find foreign brides. These brides generally have no problem cooking, cleaning and performing tasks like massaging the feet of their partner. Some people do not approve of this type of behavior. However, this is simply part of the culture that these women were raised with.

Why do Women Want to Become a Mail Order Bride?

Women often join these services for financial reasons. If they were to marry a Russian man in Russia, they may not have the same standard of living that they will have with a man from a western country. They may also want opportunities that western countries can provide them. Some of these include a high quality education, good career options and safe neighborhoods to live in.

There are many people who believe that getting a mail order bride is wrong. However, it is ultimately the decision of the man and woman to get married. Those who face criticism from their friends and families should remember that this will fade. Once these people get to know the bride, they may change their viewpoint.

Not all men will be looking for Russian brides. Those who are interested in Asian women will find that there are similar services for women from Korea, Thailand and China.

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