Using Dating Apps Abroad: 10 Ways to Find Your Russian Princess

Russian women are sophisticated, feminine, great lovers, and even better wives. They are often more mature that you’re likely used to, and very sincere. Russians also have some of the tastiest, original, and unique food in the world.

Best of all, they’re always welcoming to foreigners, so if you’re only coming to visit, looking to date, or even just friends there’s bound to be someone perfect for you.

But how you might ask? We’re going to break it down for you and up your chances of finding the perfect, single, most sincere and promising Russian lover possible.

Believe it or not, the mobile dating app Tinder, previously most popular or only available in North America, is now one of the most effective, consistent ways of meeting a wonderful date, or even just beautiful, single woman to show you around Moscow on your next trip to Russia. And who knows? Maybe it’ll even lead to an everlasting friendship, or something much more.

1 When it comes to dating apps, familiarizing yourself with how they work can be tough. However, thanks to modernized technology using a dating app like Tinder is really simple to use, and only requires you and a woman of interest to simply “swipe right”.

And thanks to the extraordinary size of Russia, and the city of Moscow in particular, the ratio of women to men is more than 20:1!

This makes for a great dating scene, and really weighs things in your favor for meeting a beautiful, single, and passionate young Russian woman from the convenience of your home – or anywhere you’re mobile.

2. Most Russian women actually marry between the ages of 18 to 24, which means the majority of women that you’ll find on Tinder, VK (Russian Facebook), or even LinkedIn will be mature, and seriously committed to finding their other half and starting a life together.

This is great for any man looking for a nice time together, to make new friends, or potentially find his future love and Russian wife. Even better, dating apps like Tinder by no means have an age limit, and in fact, Russian women are especially attracted to older (more mature) foreigner men.

Why? Well, for exactly that reason, you’re likely much more mature, experienced, and serious about commitment than a younger man, or even foreigner, would be.

busty Russian Princess on the couch

3. Understand that Russian women have it tough – no really, we mean it. Most Russian men, especially out in more rural or less populated cities and towns, are heavy drinkers and even frequently abusive towards their wives.

Russia also has a more “traditional” culture, whereas women are frequently expected to be stay at home moms, or “caretakers” of the home, while the man goes out and makes the money – or is the “breadwinner” of the family.

Therefore, you have a great advantage over the men here, assuming you do not have any of these problems. You will inevitably stand out, and should find it quite easy to attract, date, and possibly start a future with the Russian woman of your dreams in no time.

4. If you’re going to use a dating app like Tinder while visiting or living in Russia, you must learn to take initiative if you haven’t already. It’s not so much that Russian women are shy, but, rather that they expect the man to make the first move.

Also, they look for these qualities demonstrated by a man, such as confidence, a respectable level of self-esteem, and a man that knows what he likes, wants, and how to get it.

5. Russian women love romantic guys, and while this doesn’t mean you need to advertise your romantic desires in your Tinder, dating, or social media profile it does help to imply or hint at it.

Even better, once you start talking you can show your romantic interest by recommending or asking about places that include a romantic-like “ambiance”. This is sure to get her attention, make her curious, and want to learn more about you by meeting up.

6. If you meet a Russian woman on a dating app, try to make it a point to take her to somewhere classy – and don’t forget to dress the part. Russian women are intellectual, and enjoy the finer things in life – but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune.

Just put a little thought into the types of things Russian women like, study their culture, and the two of you should be on your way to the nearest art gallery or opera show in no time.

Also, keep in mind, “when in Russia” there really doesn’t exist a “dress casual” dress-code anywhere, so always aim to look your best, or accept the possibility of being turned away from certain establishments.

blonde Russian girl lying in bed

7. The language barrier can be tough when meeting Russian women online or from an app, but, there are possible solutions. Outside of a professional, or free online translating service, there’s always the option of asking your Russian woman of interest to help you learn.

You could also take the initiative to take a Russian class before visiting, or simply study independently at home – there are plenty of free videos and websites online you could use.

8. If you find a Russian woman that sparks your interest on a social media site like Facebook, VK, or dating app like Tinder try to pay special attention to, and ask her about any items, people, or things you see in her photos if it seems interesting and appropriate to do.

This will help the two of you get a conversation going, and who knows, maybe you’ll wind up having the same interests?

9. For the sake of saving you time (and money), don’t be afraid to ask for your Russian dates Facebook or VK page, or try doing a bit of research on your own about her to ensure she is who she says she is. Even more importantly, albeit rare, that she isn’t already seeing someone, or worse, married!

10. Last but not least, no matter what type of website or mobile app you’re using to find a Russian woman local to you, make sure you use original, recent photos. Also, gentlemen, “selfies” is more of a girly thing, and candid photos are preferred.

At a minimum, avoid ones that might wreak of a big ego, being conceited, or what a woman might otherwise deem as strange or unusual.

Extra tip: Don’t hesitate or wait, ask your Russian woman out on a date tonight! They like a man that knows what he wants, and the sooner the better. What do you have to lose?