Young Russian Models

What a difference 60 years makes. I remember my uncle telling stories of World War Two and the beautiful Russian girl, Olga, he’d met in Germany, right after the war’s end.

How many times did I hear him carry on about her beauty, her fearlessness, and how she had a boldness of character, yet gentleness, like he’d never encountered before or since. He always used to say “if there’d not been a war, she’d have been a top Russian model”. Was he in love, or what?

Well, if old Uncle Lenny were alive today and spent a week in Moscow or St. Petersburg, he’d be amazed at the changes in today’s Russian women.

Or would he? I have an image in my mind’s eye of what war-ravaged and deprived Russian women must have looked and acted like. And it’s nothing like the beauties you’ll see today along Tverskaya, the Rodeo Drive of Moscow.
Coffee shops, boutiques, and bookstores are overrun with tall, lanky, luscious-looking Muscovites.

But in some ways, they possess a strength of character and steely spirit that I suspect differs little from Olga back in the 40’s. The Russian character, molded from centuries of war, famine, oppression, and bitter cold weather, will not easily or quickly soften or change. And that’s a good thing.

And that’s the allure of Russian women. Physical beauty, quiet passion, and a chisel steel strong backbone. Dressed in velvet perhaps, but her blood runs hot, and her soul shows the granite of centuries of struggle, deprivation, and perseverance.

These women are survivors. The rules of survival change with the times but the survival instinct and skills don’t.

One of God’s gifts to Russian women has always been their beauty. Is it any wonder the world’s catwalks today abound with Russian models?

Look at Regina Feoktistova. I mean, look at Regina Feoktistova. Just 22, she’s one of Russia’s hottest young Russian models. She started modeling locally in Moscow in 2006. Now, a short five years later, she’s showcased top fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana, Emporio Armani, United Bamboo, and DKNY Jeans.


And she’s just one of dozens of young Russian models who have stormed London, New York, and Milan, not to mention front page blitzes on the top fashion magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

Yes, the Russian model of today will hold her own against the best that comes out of any other country, be it America, France, Italy, or Japan.

It’s the breeding, the strong competitive spirit, the hunger to succeed, to win, that makes these girls so sought out and successful in today’s modeling world.

And, of course, the genes. God may have given Russia her woes, with the burden of wars, czars, dictators, oligarchs, and power-hungry men of all types, but he balanced it out with the offsetting beauty he gave the Russian woman. Look at any Russian model today, and you’ll understand what I mean.

It’s easy to understand why you see men from all corners of the globe with a Russian born wife. In today’s ever-shrinking world, geography no longer limits romance; and once a man encounters a Russian woman, in her country, his, or on neutral ground, he will undoubtedly feel the pull to know more.

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